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  • adjective
    not used before a noun
    having the power, skill, money, etc., that is needed to do something
    He will buy a new car as soon as he is able.
    usually followed by to + verb
    He will buy a new car as soon as he is able to do so.
    Is he able to swim? [=can he swim?]
    I was so tired that I was barely/hardly able to get out of bed.
    A weight lifter is able to lift [=can lifta very heavy weight.
    not prevented from doing something :having the freedom or opportunity to do something
    Come for a visit when you are able (to).
    usually followed by to + verb
    Will you be able to visit soon?
    We were able to leave at noon.
    c - used to say that the quality or condition of something makes something possible
    a car that is able to hold [=can holdfive people
    The car wasn't able to be repaired. [=could not be repaired]
    abler ablest [also more ~; most ~] :having skill or talent

    * Các từ tương tự:
    -able, able-bodied